marketing, clinical development and business intelligence

Research Red has a wide area of expertise to offer:

a. Marketing and Business Development

b. Clinical Development

c. Business Intelligence

Marketing and Business Development - Utilizing over 25 years of diverse commercial experience Ian McLellan our lead marketing and business development consultant is able to offer a structured but pragmatic response to your current business situation.  Whether your need is for a market assessment of growth opportunities, expansion of your current portfolio or product launch we can bring expertise to support your plans.

Clinical Development - Our lead consultant in clinical development is Dr Alan Davies.  He has over 25 years drug and device development experience obtained both as an investigator and as a pharmaceutical physician and has written and lectured widely on drug and device development and effective healthcare delivery.

Business Intelligence - Market Analysis, Market Research, Competitive Analysis - Wendy Nuttall our lead consultant in Business Intelligence has over 25 years experience in healthcare and consumer and provides UK and international market research and analysis. 

  • Group discussions and focus groups research
  • Mini Groups and Triads
  • Paired and Individual In-Depth Interviews
  • Client workshops (Insight/Value Proposition)       
  • Ethnographic research  
  • Key Opinion Leader Mapping/Advocacy
  • Desk Research - competitive/SWOT analysis
  • Market Landscaping     
  • Development of Diagnostic/Treatment Algorithms      
  • Concept testing          
  • Brand positioning/Strategy development  
  • Packaging/Detail Aid/Advertising research    
  • Conference research   
  • Advisory Boards/Seminars 

Consumer Health - Anna Maxwell is a recognised OTC Marketing, Strategy and Innovation specialist and published author with over 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. She has worked for companies such as Boots, Nelsons, Pfizer and Boehringer Ingelheim. Anna will provide expert marketing experience in consumer healthcare projects.

Your business needs research that is insightful and actionable.  Research Red aims to provide a service that produces high quality data, which is analysed and can be implemented for use in critical business decisions.